Centralized app configuration management

Quickly and easily make content, appearance or behavior changes to your apps and websites without the need to recompile and republish them, all from a single dashboard.

No Republishing

Make changes to your websites and apps without the need to recompile and republish them.


Manage all your app configurations from a single dashboard.

Simple API

Integrate our simple REST API into your apps for fast and easy access to your app configurations.

Tailor your app to different customer segments

Tailor your app to different user segments

Make your app more dynamic by tailoring the appearance, content and behavior of your app or website based on a user's country or language, for example.

Simply tell your app to load the correct config from RemoteConfigs based on a user's country or language.

Manage different deployment environments

You most probably have different app settings for your apps when they are deployed to different environments such as development, staging, QA and production. You can store the app settings for each of your environments as configs on RemoteConfigs and reference the correct config depending on the environment which your app has been deployed to.

This will eliminate the need to recompile and publish your app when you want to make changes to your app settings for a specific deployment environment.

Manage different deployment environments
New Configuration

Creating a configuration

Easily create the configurations that your applications will use, from your dashboard

A configuration is a set of key-value pairs. This sounds simple, but it can be really powerful. For example, you can create a config with key-value pairs as it would be in your app's configuration file or app settings file.

You could save the key-value pair sessionTimeout: 20 as a setting in your config and make use of it in your app. Whenever you want to change the sessionTimeout, you simply make the change from your RemoteConfigs dashboard.

Obtaining your configuration

Obtain your configuration through the simple REST API

Make use of your configs and settings by making simple REST requests to the RemoteConfigs API using your API key.

Once you've set up your app to obtain your configs and settings through the RemoteConfigs API, you don't have to recompile and republish your app to make changes to it, you simply make the changes from your RemoteConfigs dashboard.

Querying a Configuration

More example use cases

Here are a few more use cases where RemoteConfigs could be used.

Change your website or app's color scheme when you have a sale on

You can draw more attention when you change your website or app's appearance whenever you have a sale on. Simply tell your app to use a different config when you have a sale on.

Scheduled tasks and cron jobs

Remotely alter your apps that execute as scheduled tasks or cron jobs by storing the parameters for your applications as configs on RemoteConfigs. This will eliminate the need for you to sign into your server to make the changes.

Allow business users with no coding experience to make instant changes to apps and websites

You can extract any static website or app content or settings to RemoteConfigs and allow non-coders to make changes to the website or app, without touching a single line of code and eliminating the need to recompile and republish the app or website.

  • Free

  • $ 0 / setting per month

  • Up to 5 settings
  • Up to 5 Configurations
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Standard

  • $ 0.25 / setting per month

  • Up to 999 settings
  • Settings 1 to 5 will not be billed for, and Settings 6 to 999 will be billed at $0.25 per Setting.
  • Unlimited Configurations
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Discounted

  • $ 0.2 / setting per month

  • 1000+ settings
  • After 1000 Settings, each Setting will be billed at a discounted rate of $0.2 excluding the 5 free Settings.
  • Unlimited Configurations
  • Unlimited API Calls

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